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Tutor Training Certification: (ITTPC) International Tutor Training Program Certification



Application Process: Getting Started

Application Forms

and Fees & Payment Options

Application Levels
& Stages

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W-9 as vendor

Online Self-Service Invoice Form (create your own - now)

Application and Fee & Payment Options

Both the application materials and fees must be submitted before your application is ready to be reviewed. It does not matter which is submitted first.

INSTRUCTIONS: To submit the application and supporting documents,

Applications are to be submitted in a digital format. Prefrence is mailing via CD, DVD, or flash drive to the following address. Applications can be sent via email, see below.
Total files size should not 50MB, avg. is 1-5 MB. Mail CD, DVD, or Flash Drive. Please be sure to pad or protect the media being sent to the following mail address

College Reading & Learning Association - ITTPC
c/o Rick Sheets, ITTPC Coordinator
12422 West Aurora Dr.
Sun City West, AZ 85375-1924

(623) 240-0528

Applications can be emailed, though not preferred. Please be sure your campus will permit email attachments of the size of your files, making sure the files are zipped and the total file size is less than 25MB. We prefer mail (above) as emailed applications have had a myriad of issues of having files corrupted, truncated, or never sent because of program campus security email restrictions. To send the application and supporting documents as an attachment to an email (send to

Note: Exception to above comments. 2nd Stage applications are usually small in file size and have few attachments. Email works well for 2nd Stage applications.

INSTRUCTIONS: To pay application fees by credit card, please submit the following to
CRLA National Center via facsimile (414-768-8001) or via e-mail (

Please submit the following documentation to CRLA Headquarters via facsimile (414-768-8001) or e-mail ( before calling Shannon Lorenz to charge your credit card.

A CRLA National Center staff person will contact the Payment Contact Person listed on the Self-Service Invoice to obtain credit card/payment information following receipt of the Self-Service Invoice.
(If you have not heard from us within a few days, call Shannon Lorenz at 414-908-4961 ext 106)

Note: Your busiess office may require a copy of our W-9 to list CRLA as a vendor, if so print and submit to them the linked W-9 form.

 INSTRUCTIONS: To pay application fees by check,

  1. Please submit a check payable to “College Reading & Learning Association - ITTPC”.

  2. Attach the check and mail both to:
    Shannon Lorenz
    Payment Contact for Internat'l Tutor Training Program Certification
    College Reading & Learning Association (CRLA) Headquarters - ITTPC
    7044 S. 13th Street
    Oak Creek, WI  53154

Note: Your busiess office may require a copy of our W-9 to list CRLA as a vendor, if so print and submit to them the already signed linked W-9 form.

Please complete and submit with your check, this linked Self-service Invoice form.

Note: PO’S are not accepted.

Application Fees

Application fee schedule
(applies to new, reflection/renewal
and re-certification applications):

One level at a time: $150
Two levels at a time: $250
Three levels at a time: $350

Note: New Fee Multiple Campus/Multiple Program
Common Program Restrictions Required
New 2013 ITTPC Application Form Required
One level at a time: $150 primary + $50/additional campus or program
Two levels at a time: $250 primary + $100/additional campus or program
Three levels at a time: $350 primary + $150/additional campus or program

NOTE: As programs move to consolidate programs and reduce costs, separate programs have asked to apply under one certificate. They can do that provided they coordinate the four aspects of certification so that they all follow the same core guidelines approved for the following: tutor selection, tutor training topics, tutoring experience tracking, and tutor evaluations. Multiple campuses and/or multiple programs will pay a fee per additional unit.

In the past, each campus and program was required to be certified separately. Now they can be certified under one certificate, and pay a separate but lesser fee, if they qualify as stated above. All of the campuses and/or programs on the one certification must meet the same approved criteria for all four components (tutor selection, tutor training, tutoring experience, and tutor evaluation).

Multiple Campuses or Programs.

See Create your own Invoice (.doc) for details on the fees and to calculate and find out what your certification fee should be.

Any area that has responsibilities for any of the following: tutor selection, providing and tracking the tutor training, tutoring experience tracking and reporting, and tutor evaluations; will need to list that area as a separate program or campus and provide contact information for the person in charge of that responsibility.

As you apply for the 1st Stage: New (or ReJoin), 2nd Stage: Renewal & Reflection, or 3rd Stage: Re-certification and you have multiple programs or campuses to add to identify under your program's certification. Each qualifying addition to the primary program will cost $50-per level-per program or campus. If you want to add a program or campus under a current certification between times of renewal or re-certification, the first program added would be the same cost as a primary program, additional ones would be at the $50. Thus, adding one program between certifications to an existing primary program certification for Level 1 would cost $150 ($250 for two levels, $350 for three levels.

What if I have other areas under the program which simply meet for tutoring in other areas, but I am in charge of all four aspects mentioned above (hiring tutors, training tutors, tracking tutoring experience, and evaluations)? The additional areas would be considered sites or centers by us and no additional charge woul be listed for them. They would not be listed on your certificate either, only additional programs and campuses are listed on the certificate.

For better clarification on multiple programs or campuses under one certificate, contact Rick Sheets, ITTPC Coordinator at

College Reading & Learning Association
Tutor Training Program Certification information at
Questions to ITTPC Coordinator, Rick Sheets, Ed.D. at
Last update on: 24-Aug-2014

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