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Tutor Training Certification: (ITTPC) International Tutor Training Program Certification




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Current CRLA ITTPC-Certified Tutor Training Programs

The current list of CRLA's ITTPC-certified programs at is updated monthly. The link is to a downloadable file that has the programs listed and initially sorted in the following order:
          Country, State/Province (w/ ID #), Institution, Program

The file is an Excel spreadsheet document and can be opened, viewed, and even sorted by the fields listed
(be sure all data is highlghted before sorting).

CRLA's certified programs include post-secondary institutions in six other countries:

  • more than 1160 certified programs, mostly in the United States, 2 in the US in Puerto Rico..
  • Other countries include the following:
    • Australia (1)
    • Canada (33)
    • Greece (1)
    • Japan (1)
    • Morrocco (1)
    • Republic of Korea (2)

If you are searching for information on a program from a previous year, you can look at the following archive of past years of certified program listings:

Questions, comments, and suggestions are always welcome and again you can contact us at Due to a heavy volume of questions, it may be days to a week or so before receiving an answer.

NOTE: CRLA also offers a separate peer mentor training certification program: IMTPC at

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Questions to ITTPC Coordinator, Rick Sheets, Ed.D. at
Last update on: 06-Sep-2014

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