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Tutor Training Certification: (ITTPC) International Tutor Training Program Certification



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Program Certification Levels & Stages of Certification

For questions about applications, also check out the application forms page and the FAQs link. Also look at the sample applications page. If the answers are not there, feel free to go to the Contact a Reviewer page and contact an ITTPC Reviewer to answer questions you may have about the application process.

If you are a new person in the position in a program that was already certified, please open, complete, and follow the directions to send us a Program Contact Update Form.

When you are ready to submit your application or fee, go to "Application, Fees, and Payment Options." if you need an invoice to have your institution process a check, you can click here for our Invoice Request Form (2-week wait) or use our Online Invoice Form (to create your own invoice - now).

Two important and distinct components of Tutor Certification:

Certification Levels

Levels of certification are the level(s) a program has been certified
for and can thus offer their tutors. Programs can choose
to offer Level 1, Levels 1 & 2, or Levels 1, 2, & 3.
NOTE: The Levels of certification must be offered sequentially.
Before starting training and experience for the next level
each tutor must complete all requirements
at the previous level.



Certification Stages

Every level of every program is required to go through all three stages
in order. Note 3rd Stage is a continuing Stage - due every five years.
Programs in any stage (above) can continue the certification
process for current Levels of certification and can begin a
new process to add level 2 and/or Level 3 of
tutor training certification.


1 stage of certification New - New programs or new levels for certification. Must be applying for or are certified at Level 1 to apply for Level 2, likewise for Level 3. Certification good for one year.
2nd stage of certification Reflection & Renewal - For programs and levels which were certified for one year and want to continue their certification. A short form asking for program reflection and review, to be completed and submitted with the fee payment due.
Certification good for three years.
3rd stage of certification Re-certification - For programs and levels which were certified for three years or five years previously and want to continue their certification. Every five years a program which has been renewed or re-certified must complete and submit a re-certification application, include the fee payment due, and have their program reviewed and then re-certifed for the next five years.
Note: Adding a new level would need a new and separate application, but it could be submitted at the same time as a renewal or re-certification. Applying for New certification for a new level can also be applied for at any time and does not have to wait until a program applies for renewal or re-certification.


1 stage of certification1st Stage - New Applications - 1 year certification
New applications are for programs applying for new certification and can be for Levels 1, 2, or 3.

Note that to apply for Levels 2 or 3, your program must be applying for the lower level or already certified at the lower level. (For Level 2, you must already certified for or applying for certification for Level1. Likewise, Level 3 requires that you must already be certied for or applying for certification at Level 2).

Read through the following documents to prepare to complete the application:

2nd stage of certification2nd Stage - Reflection & Renewal Applications - 3 year certification (for newly certified programs completing their fist year of certification) programs reflect on their first year to renew their program at the same level(s) of certification.

For programs applying for reflection & renewal of their certified program:

  • Go to the application forms page and follow the directions for three-year certification (all levels) for online application submission.

Note: This 2nd Stage Application is a short, easy form to complete. You only need to include program information and documentation for planned changes. This is the only application tha should be emailed. You can email it to, rather than send it via CD, DVD, or flash drive. DO not send notes or correspondence to this special email, it is only for applications!

3rd stage of certification3rd Stage - Re-certification Applications - 5 year certification
Re-certification applications are required of all CRLA ITTPC-certified programs to maintain program requirements, consistency, and integrity.

It is for certified programs completing their reflection/renewal stage (3 year certification) or a previous re-certification (5 year re-certification). It is only for the levels for which they have been previously certified.

  • Go to the application forms page and follow the directions for five-year re-certification for online application submission.

Thank you.
Rick Sheets, Ed.D.
ITTPC Coordinator
12422 West Aurora Dr.
Sun City West, AZ    85375-1924

623-240-0572 or

NOTE: When you contact me, please give the following information:
Program ID# or the following:
Country, State/Province, Institution, Program Name, Program Contact Person
It helps me answer your questions more quickly!

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