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ITTPC Reviewer InformationKeys

CRLA Reviewers are classified as Reviewer, Advanced Reviewer, or Master Reviewers based on current or former experience with a CRLA-certified program through ITTPC. Current Reviewers are ready to assist programs as they plan for and prepare for certification.

Reviewer requirements, process, and expectations:

Why become an ITTPC reviewer?

  • It's fun and rewarding, and you get to see what creative things others are doing -- as you review programs, you get to see how others are meeting CRLA requirements.
  • Networking with colleagues -- it helps you build and expand your connections with others as you work with new colleagues, local and remote.
  • During your three-year commitment as a reviewer you review at a day and time of your convenience.  We ask that you complete an average of one to two program reviews per month (12/yr. min.).  Usually in Feb., March, and April, we ask that you do at least two reviews per month as those are our busiest months as many programs are getting ready for their ceremonies.
  • After at least six months of experience and completing at least 18 reviews, you can become a Certified Reviewer for CRLA's ITTPC program.  We have over 1100 programs certified mostly in the US, some in Canada, and at least one in five other countries.
  • Join other experienced and caring colleagues interested in volunteering some time to give something back to the field.  Following is a link to our current reviewers' names and institutions (at

  • Reviewers must be current CRLA members.
  • A minimum of two years direct training experience (current or former) with a CRLA certified program is required (or comparable experience). In addition a new reviewer should have completed at least one certification process (new, renewal, or re-certification) before becoming a reviewer.
  • A Commitment to review programs for at least three years and at least 12-18 program reviews each year.
  • If interested and the requirements above are met, complete and submit the online sign-up form for training.
  • New reviewer training will be provided usually twice per year. See below for training times and prep needed prior to the training session!
  • Once approved, new reviewers will be teamed with certified reviewers for mentoring the first (3-8) reviews. Plan on at least two reviews a month during mentoring.
  • Reviewers can become a certified reviewer after completing at least six months and a minimum of 18 reviews. You will need to record and track programs you have reviewed.

A Reviewer Training Session is required before becoming a reviewer. To attend a session, you will need to meet the above requirements, complete the online sign-up form, and before attending the reviewer training, be ready with the following at the training session:

Training Meeting Preparation:

Before the meeting please be prepared to answer some or all of the three questions below.  The answers come from the website areas at  It is information needed for a reviewer:

  • Please describe the differences of the three stages a program must go through for continuing certification.
  • Please describe the differences in the requirements for tutors in the three levels of certification that ITTPC offers.
  • Describe the expectations of ITTPC program reviewers, including what it takes to become a certified reviewer (see Reviewer info on the website).

 The session is to be an engaging, interactive session designed to provide you with the information, resources, and support you will need to answer questions, mentor people new to the certification process, and be able to review applications for CRLA's International Tutor Training Program Certification process.


Before our meeting you will want to review the information about tutor training certification in the ten links below:

After discussion  and review of the information, we will take time to react to some “real” scenarios sent in from programs to do some problem-solving and see how to apply the information in live situations.



Teleconferenced session:   Check email sent out for additional contact info if experiencing problems.  

DATE of 2014 Spring New Reviewer Orientation & Training session:
ITTPC New Reviewer Training (plan for two hours)
Tuesday, February 25, 2014
Noon-2pm EST,    11am-1pm CST,    10am-Noon MST,  9am-11am PST 



DATE of next session: To Be Announced here, Probably late summer or early fall 2014
            To sign-up and help choose the time and date of training, complete the online sign-up form at

Be sure to do the training preparation described above BEFORE attending the training

Questions? Contact:

Rick Sheets
ITTPC Coordinator

College Reading & Learning Association
Tutor Training Program Certification information at
Questions to ITTPC Coordinator, Rick Sheets, Ed.D. at
Last update on: 20-Jul-2014

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