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(aka Tutor Appreciation Week and/or National Tutor Week)


French - Spanish
Thank You

International Tutor Appreciation Week Celebration is celebrated the first full week in October. (for 2015 it is Oct. 5-11)

Let us know what Happened for ITAW2013! or for ITAW2014!

Thank You
What is it all about?
     - It is a celebration to let our tutors know how much we appreciate all that they do for our students all year. It also gives our students, faculty, staff, and campus administration the opportunity to thank our tutors, as well.
Thanks graphic
     - Many of our tutors do not get the all the kudos, recognition, and positive feedback from students, campus staff, faculty, and administrators that they should or could for all that they do to support and help our student realize their potential and achieve their education, personal, and professional goals and dreams.
Thank You

What do we have to do?
     - Provide a way for students, staff, faculty, and administrators to easily thank our tutors, individually or collectively. Ideas include the following:

  • Make posters announcing the International Tutor Appreciation Week and provide free snacks on a table with blank thank you cards for students to write notes to tutors they wish to thank.
  • Send an email to campus faculty, staff, and adminitrators inviting them to send you emails to print and share with your tutors.
  • Create a center facebook page and ask people to write on the wall.
  • Provide a flip chart for visitors to write on.
  • Ask for funding for a special activity - see a sample justification for funding request (doc).
  • Write a special and personalized thank you note from the director to each tutor.
  • Have a special "Thank You" party for the tutors at the end of the week and maybe even invite the students or college staff, faculty, admin. to join in.
  • Ask your College/University President or Dean to write a special note of thanks to the tutors.
  • Say thank you in different graphics or languages - see examples on this page or link for samples (doc).
  • Make a pair of Tutor Trees on foam board (one for each room). Students were invited to write messages for the tutors on leaves and pin them onto the trees. Also distribute leaves to faculty who teach the courses we support. Take a look at the last two years of celebrations:
    2010- (w/ music)




Thank You

What have you done?
What ideas do you have?

What are you willing to share?
Do you have some pictures we can post (with permission)?
     - We can post ideas and pics here. Send them to


returned with thanks
Thank you

Faroese - Icelandic - Serbo -
Croatian - Slovene - Bosnian :
meaning Thank You



German for Thank You and Your Welcome

 Pictur of table for tutor week

We have also posted a link to some pictures of a past celebration as it is an event that should continue throughout centers everywhere. Thanks for the LRNASST posts asking that it noted, recognized, and the tradition continued. CRLA wants to support it and help it continue for many years to come.

Mark your calendars (first full week in October each year):


Thank You

Note: Grapics used here are MS clip art graphics.


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